Christina Beskou was inspired not only by the drama and pathos of this opera but the powerful and moving music of Verdi. Her career as a choreographer has developed from the creation of frothy works of entertainment on into more serious character-based dramatic works One day, listening once more to her beloved opera, she found herself creating images and movements for the characters...

She would translate the words into dance. The sour pathetic character of the Rigoletto, the court jester, moved her compassion, He is Everyman man trapped by his circumstances into precarious employment at the mercy of the powerful, his dear wife is dead and his only treasure is his daughter. As the plot develops and he comes to lose her, his plight becomes a human tragedy independent of time and place.

Beskou has been working on this important piece for well over ten years. Most of the choreography is done. It remains now to find backing for a full production -- rather a challenge in these times.

Here is a sample. This performance, which took place in 2004 at the Megaron Musikis, shows the scene in which Rigoletto rushes among the sneering courtiers in desperate search of his abducted child. 

The other video shows few snatches of the work in progress in rehearsal.