Choreographer Christina Beskou named her troupe of eight vigorous dancers, founded in November 1989, for her original successful work Seresta which also began and ended the show. Its music was composed by Paquito D’ Rivera, and its title means musical improvisation. Its rhythmic energy is reflected in the flow of dynamic variations of her choreography.

The musical feast of modern jazz, choreographed by Christina Beskou with vivid and disarming simplicity, continued with Don't look Back (composer Van Morrison), in a brilliant pas de deux (Beskou-Giannakopoulos). After the Trio (music by Kid Ory) danced spiritedly by Takis Argyropoulos, Mata Marra, and Werner Derpapas, Christina Beskou impressed again with the smooth movements and immense extensions in The Hat, to the sounds of Sydney Bechet. Original geometric variations in the development of motion comprised Sunset to the music of Abdullah Ibrahim music, displays the exemplary ease with which the choreographer moves. Beskou delighted again with We’re Dancing, partnered by Werner Derpapas to the music of Teddy Wilson, before the program closed with the reprise of Seresta - and that was not all.