Last year they delighted us with Bar Sur and this year fascinate us with Cafe Concert at the Politeia Theatre...The Seresta Dance company gave a new fresh meaning to the hip-swinging rhythm of tango.

Although the roots of this dance seem mainly erotic, it actually began as a slaves’ dance in Cuba and traveled via houses of ill repute to Buenos Aires.. .Many are startled to hear that the first couples to dance it were men. Perhaps this can be explained as those exploiters of pretty women would naturally dance their rivalry and confrontation..

But at the start of the 1900’s and thanks to the Castles, the dancing couple who gave it style and beauty, it became a hit in the ballrooms of Europe.

Christina Beskou is especially sensitive when it comes to tango...

Cafe Concert was a well designed choreography which concluded with a reading by Gunnar Wensell-Block of the poems of Pablo Neruda, and was performed with passion and authenticity by four couples, including the splendid Argentinean dancers Veronica Kuttel and Pablo Medici. The choreography as well as the authenticity of the guest pair enraptured the audience.