A cool evening to the rhythm of the tango was offered by Christina Beskou and her “Seresta” group ... they celebrated their tenth anniversary.

With her strong credentials in dance education that combines comprehensive training in classical and modern dance, Beskou expertly directs the eight-member troupe with knowledge and assurance and the inherent grace and purity of line which makes her dance performances so special.

This performance based on the Argentine tango is entitled Bar Sur (the Southern Bar) to the hip-swaying music of Troillo, Ponzio, Cannaro, Biagi, Piazzola, and more. Directed and choreographed by Christina Beskou, the show riveted the eyes and ears of the audience.

Guest Argentinean artists Pablo Medici and Veronica Kuttel amazed us with their splendid original Argentinean tangos.

The combination of Greek zeibekiko and Argentinian tango, created and performed by Dimitris Kaminaris, Veronica and Pablo, brought these dances of passion and loneliness into parallel relationship.