Ástor Piazzolla was an Argentine composer and bandoneon* player. He created a whole new dimension of the traditional tango incorporating elements from jazz, baroque, classical music and even improvisation, the nuevo tango. . He had acquired a varied musical background growing up in New York and Argentina, studied music while playing his bandoneon in Buenos Aires night clubs and earned a grant to study with the famed Nadia Boulanger in Paris. He returned in 1937 and proceeded to create his new form of the tango -not always popular with traditionalists, but others adopted it with enthusiasm.

As did Christina Beskou, who picked up a recording “because I liked his face – and bandoneon music,” and as soon as she heard it, fell under its enchantment and began dreaming up choreography – which eventually led her into that profession. Out of her background of classical ballet, and falling in love with the tango, she has since been developing new dance styles of her own -- incorporating classical and modern ballet, jazz, and improvisation. A number of her choreographies are inspired by Piazzola’s compositions. Sadly she was never able to meet him. But this performance represents her hommage.

ASTOR MY LOVE is a bouquet of her works set to his music, and reflects the wide vocabularies of their personal arts.

*Argentine form of concertina