Christina Beskou


Body Electric Drama & dance

July/August 2007, 1 ODYSSEY 91

by Maria Kostaki
As she walked onto the stage, the lights outlined every single muscle of her body, as if life had been infused into an ancient Greek statue. She began to move and it was immediately obvious that this woman was born to dance.

Dancing for fun, not fame

Athens News - April 15 1997

by Kathy Tzilivakis
"As a dancer, you can't stop moving, as a normal person you should not stop.
When dancers stop they have to start from zero." If you have ever had the opportunity to soar on a stage, then you know exactly what Christina Beskou - dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and director of the Seresta Dance Company - means when she says that it is "magic".

Portrait of a Dancer: Christina Beskou

The Athenian - August 1989

by Jenny Colebourne
Christina Beskou started dancing on the cobbled streets of Hydra at the age of three. Her mother could always locate her by the crowds which formed around her, mesmerized by this miniature performer.