The Seresta Dance Studio

was established in 1993 by Christina Beskou

Its goals are:

To artistically support the Seresta Company.

To promote Christina’s perception and dance philosophy.

To introduce the Floor Barre technique, established by Maria Fay, and represented, promoted, and developed by Christina Beskou.

To prepare young dancers for their entry into professional schools of dance in Greece and abroad, including the R.A.D. examinations.

To collaborate with and promote young professionals by offering a place for seminars and the opportunity to perform with Seresta.

To collaborate with Greek and foreign choreographers, dancers, teachers and various artists in the development of the Seresta Dance Company.

To provide space and opportunity for those interested in creating and experimenting with dance art and choreography. To develop dancers and maintain fitness during periods of injury through the Floor Barre Technique.

To offer this unique and delightful form of exercise to the interested non-professional.

To offer special classes for injured people and women during pregnancy, emphasizing gentle training exercises to obtain total control of the body.

To offer training to dancers and teachers who wish to teach Floor Barre technique.

And to share Christina’s experience with everybody who loves the dance.