History of Seresta Dance Company

In 1989, at Paquito D’Rivera’s performance at the Herod Atticus Theatre, Christina Beskou met him and daringly said to him, “I have choreographed to your song, Seresta.” This provoked the attention and interest of the musician. He responded that he would be back in Athens in July to perform at the Lycabettus Theatre. That was all Christina needed; she then proposed that they do a happening together with her dancers and his group when the song was played at the concert. So it was, that overcoming the difficulties posed by the organisers and the officials responsible for the performance, Christina Beskou and her troupe danced Seresta to live music played by Paquito D’ Rivera and his orchestra. 

Since then, the Seresta Dance Company, as Christina Beskou named it, began the series of quality performances which have been her trademark.

The Company has performed in various countries, such as Luxemburg, Holland, England (Winchester and London), France, Japan, Austria, and Germany, as well as Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Zakynthos, and Hydra in Greece.

The composition of the company never remains static. In her search for innovation of its performance vocabulary, Seresta invites many fine artists, such as choreographers, dancers, actors, painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Seresta’s founder, Christina Beskou, experiments with various and of different kinds of music as the basis of her choreographic creation, in which form is the most important element. The human body’s elasticity harmonizes to the rhythm and music, and sometimes with the lyrics of the songs, to express the feelings, passion, agonies, and everyday anxieties according to the choreographer’s perception of life. The code of Dance encompasses modern and classical ballet, tango, jazz, cabaret, and musical theatre in a dynamic expression of the company’s personality and soul. Theatrical techniques, and especially silences, reinforce the choreography’s dynamics and tension, as the verbal mode is transmuted to dance.

The company’s philosophy is described in terms of renewal and continuous study, of ever-flowing recombination of the elements of music and dance.