She had the chance to realize at firsthand the benefits of Maria Fay’s Floor Barre system, following a serious injury in 1980 which almost cost her career. Now she truly grasped the essence of the saying “Dance heals”. The very experienced Maria Fay reinterpreted traditional ballet exercises normally done standing at the barre to be performed lying down, sparing the joints from strain. Having observed the body demands of dancers as well as their need for speedy and safe recovery from injuries, she compiled a wide variety of floor exercises, establishing the unique Floor Barre System. She later entrusted her system to Christina Beskou, even bestowing upon her the use of license and perpetuation. This act was also confirmed through their collaboration to publish the System with the book “Maria Fay’s Floor Barre” and in audiovisual form with the DVD “Maria Fay’s Floor Barre 3 Sample Classes”.

But a great Master is one on whom the Disciple rests her future. And so Christina Beskou, being a restless and creative nature, embraced the Maria Fay System and in thirty years of experience she has developed it, keeping the same principles of strength and rehabilitation but expanding the audience to which it is addressed. Maria Fay’s techniques have been combined creatively with new Classic and Modern Dance exercises, as well as with isometric and yoga exercises, producing a method that can now be applied to:

  • The modern, who seeks a different kind of total somatic exercise, reaping all the benefits of a dance routine training.
  • Athletes of all individual sports, providing them with a complete and speedy method of warm-up and rehabilitation.
  • Martial arts athletes, since it strengthens their “center” and contributes to the flexibility of their extremities.
  • The rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and post-operative patients, since the variety of movements supports the necessary physiotherapy with the advantage of not straining the joints.
  • Pregnant women, as it serves as a mild cardio-pneumonic exercise for the control of body weight, while at the same time teaching the breathing and pelvic control so important in natural childbirth.
  • Dancers, professional or not, because apart from a complete workout and a safe warm-up, it significantly improves the understanding and execution of all kinds of dance techniques; its primary goal is the understanding of one’s own body and center.

The Floor Barre System by Christina Beskou, surpasses the limitations of dance, and is suitable for EVERYONE who wants to “know” their own body and utilize this knowledge to strengthen their own Self.