9th October 1993

This is to testify that Christina Beskou studied classical ballet several years with me,first as a vocational student and later as a professional dancer.

Besides her classical studies she excelled also in the "FLOOR BAR", a specific training system I have devised and taught for professional dancers and pupils.Her remarkable achievements and her great interest in this subject led her to further pedagogical studies with me to enable her to teach this system with special understanding and knowledge.

During the past years-since she has been teaching this method in various countries and to numerous dancers and students-I had several opportunities to consult and exchange ideas with her and to observe her teaching.

I was delighted with her enthusiastic approach, with her courage to experiment with new ideas of her own, which she included in her daily teaching,and with the remarkable results she has achieved with her followers.

As I am convinced that Miss Beskou is teaching the "FLOOR BARRE" system I created in the best possible manner and her work is true to my ideas and teachings, she became the only person in the profession to whom I gave permission to teach it and to experiment with it.