9th October 1993

"As I am convinced that Miss Beskou is teaching the "FLOOR BARRE" system I created in the best possible manner and her work is true to my ideas and teachings, she became the only person in the profession to whom I gave permission to teach it and to experiment with it."

Safe Dance Practice

by Frank Freeman

Christina Beskou epitomises Maria Fay’s insistence on careful placement and on the perfect co-ordination necessary to develop and maintain unforced and correct control of each movement and exercise. Her port do bras is impeccable and she is a pleasure to watch.

BA in theatre

by Maria Zaxaropoulou

The Floor Barre or Barre A Terre, constitutes an alternative system, to safely train the body, on the floor. It comprises the technique for ballet training modified for use with exercises done on the floor.

Good things happen when ballet gets horizontal

By Joseph Carman

...as Beskou discovered, floor barres provide a wonderful alternative for dancers who are working through injuries. The exercises can also serve as a warm-up before technique class or in circumstances where space is limited or barres aren’t available.