Christina Beskou


It’s always the music first. When music moves me, I respond with movement. if it speaks to my heart, I must reply in my own language, the dance. First --and always -- I was a dancer; then a teacher, then a floor barre therapist, and then at last, I dared to express my hearts’ desire in choreography. So I choreograph the dance the music reveals to my soul.

I’m moved by all kinds of different music; my first choreography was to a ballad of Van Morrison’s called Don’t Look Back ... then came a jazz piece of Louis Armstrong’s, and next, Seresta, a transcendent Venezuelan valse for six, which brought me notice as a choreographer. I worked for some time with tango-based experiments, and moved on into dance- drama.

As opera is a synthesis of music, poetry and theatre, movement too must be also be integrated to the whole. Music, song and dance have been intertwined since the world began.

Now I am most deeply inspired by the music of Verdi, and my dearest wish is to mount a production of Rigoletto as a ballet, integrated with the opera. The choreography is nearly complete, and I hope it can soon be performed to my own delight – and yours.

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